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Tom Brady ‘killed PC culture’ with Netflix special, NFL Pro Bowler says

Three-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman David Bakhtiari declared Monday night that Tom Brady “killed PC culture” with the Netflix roast that aired over the weekend.

Brady’s roast featured plenty of irreverent jokes about the seven-time Super Bowl champion and the guests on stage and in the crowd. Even New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft was picked on early in the night by roast master Jeff Ross.

“Guys, just rewatched the roast again. I can confidently say @TomBrady has killed PC culture,” the former Green Bay Packers offensive tackle wrote on X. “He is our Jesus Christ. He pretty much socially crucified himself on Netflix live for 3 hours while the world watched. He is a god d— hero. We are healing. It’s marvelous.”

Brady’s roast delighted many NFL fans and those who were just fans of comedic roasts.

Former NFL star linebacker Shawne Merriman told Fox News Digital that it was one of the best he had ever seen.


Tom Brady poses

“I put on Twitter that I give nothing but big ups and a tremendous amount of respect to Netflix, because in today’s society where everything is so censored … what people don’t know is when you go sit in those boardrooms when you’re coming up with this material, you got to go through so many checks and balances,” Merriman told Fox News Digital. “For them to clear this and let this happen live, I think they broke the mold on censorship.”

“I think they broke the mold on what’s OK now. It’s OK for comedy. It’s OK to crack jokes. I mean, there was everything in there, from race jokes and gender jokes. It’s like man, let’s get back to that – where comedy is comedy, and it’s OK. Nobody was offended and it was a great time. It was the best roast I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Tom Brady at the Forum for the roast

Brady has yet to talk about it, but it was clear that his special was a massive hit.

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