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Olympic star Katie Ledecky dishes on diet and training regimen as she announces new partnership

It takes a lot of mental fortitude and perseverance to become the Olympic champion that Katie Ledecky is, and to come back every four years and compete at the highest level of swimming is a feat in and of itself.

Ledecky can also chalk her incredible success to her diet and training regimen. She partnered with Core Power for the brand’s Champion Your Recovery campaign, which began Wednesday.

The seven-time Olympic gold medalist revealed to Fox News Digital what her training schedule looked like throughout the year. She said the routine is not limited to just getting ready for the Olympics, but for the world championships and other events throughout the year.

“It varies day by day, but in a given week, I train about 25 to 30 hours a week,” she said. “I swim about 10 times a week for 2 hours, and then I have dryland or weights training five days a week for about an hour each. It’s a lot. 

“And it’s not just in the Olympic year, it’s every other year as well. We have world championships and other big competitions each year. Certainly, the next couple months are the most exciting for us as swimmers. I’ve just been putting in the training, racing a lot, recovering, getting ready for all that’s coming up.”

Katie Ledecky arrives for competition


Ledecky said she mixes in Core Power products into her diet as well to replenish and refuel.

“I wake up early for morning practice,” she said. “I’ll have just some oatmeal, banana, peanut butter. Go to my morning practice, have a Core Power in between some practice and weights. Come home from weights, have kind of a late breakfast, early lunch – some eggs, toast, throw some vegetables on my eggs. I’ll have kind of a second lunch before my afternoon practice. And then, another Core Power after afternoon practice and then dinner and I kind of mix that up day by day, whether I make steak or chicken or salmon with rice or vegetables.

“Recovery and nutrition are very important to me, and it’s become more and more important as I’ve gotten older and as I’ve learned more. It’s something I take very seriously and kind of every decision I make is about my nutrition, fueling my next practice or my next competition. That doesn’t sound fun, but I get a cheat meal every now and again.”

As part of the campaign, Ledecky is also the star of a Core Power commercial.

Katie Ledecky for Core Power

Ledecky will compete to make the U.S. Olympic team for Paris at the trials, which begin on June 15.

The Olympics begin July 26.

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