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MLB Prop Betting – Latest MLB Team and Player Prop Odds for Opening Day

The 2024 Major League Baseball season officially kicked off in Korea on March 20-21, but the rest of MLB will celebrate Opening Day on March 28. That means the best online sports betting sites are now offering dozens of MLB props markets. 

With MLB prop bets, you can go beyond simple MLB betting lines and bet on everything from Aaron Judge hitting a home run in his next at-bat to how many strikeouts Spencer Strider will record tonight.

Let’s take a look at how to get a bet down in the most popular MLB prop markets and explain the near-endless possibilities.

Latest MLB prop odds 

Here’s a feed featuring the latest prop odds at MLB betting sites. Click on any odds posted here to go to the sportsbook that posted them. Once there, you can register for an account, claim your bonus, deposit, and place a bet if you’re in that state. 


What is an MLB prop bet? 

Most MLB props surround the stats of MLB teams and players in each game. The most common are hitting and pitching props. Props are generally over/under bets, asking you to bet against a line at odds that are close to even.

There are also yes-or-no question props asking whether a player or team will accomplish a certain goal. The odds on the yes or no questions are based on the probability of the answer.

Various MLB props markets are available for each game. The odds may fluctuate ahead of the first pitch, but you lock in the odds as currently posted when you place a bet in any MLB props market.

Most sportsbooks should offer at least the following team and player MLB props.

  • Strikeouts Thrown
  • Walks Allowed
  • Outs Recorded
  • Earned Runs Allow 
  • Hits Allowed
  • Hit A Home Run
  • Hit A Game’s First Home Run
  • Total Hits
  • Total Home Runs
  • Record A Hit
  • At Least 2/3/4 Hits
  • Total Singles/Doubles/Triple/Bases
  • Total Runs Scored
  • Total RBI
  • Record An RBI
  • Total Stolen Bases 
  • Steal A Base

How do the payouts work for MLB props?

Win any MLB props bet, and you’ll get paid according to the odds as they were posted when you placed the bet.

That means if you bet $10 on Aaron Judge to hit a home run tonight at +200 odds, you’ll earn a $20 profit and your $10 bet back if he does.

It wouldn’t matter if the odds dropped to +125 ahead of the first pitch; you locked it in at +200 when you placed the bet.

Can I bet on MLB props during games?

Sportsbooks make most of the pregame MLB props available during games as well. You’ll bet these live MLB props at odds that change based on what’s happening on the diamond.

Plus, you may have the opportunity to bet in even more MLB props markets surrounding each at bat. Keep one of the best sports betting apps open during games to see what live MLB props await.

Which online sportsbooks have the best MLB props? 

The following are widely considered the top betting apps for MLB props.

  • DraftKings Sportsbook: Find live and pregame hit, home run, run, RBI, total base, and stolen base props for batters alongside strikeout and ERA props for pitchers. 
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: Enjoy various hitting and pitching props for every MLB game.
  • Caesars Sportsbook: MLB props surround just about every hitting and pitching stat.
  • BetRivers Sportsbook: Home run and hits props are the focus, but most hitting and pitching props are also available.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: Discover a huge variety of hitting and pitching MLB prop markets.
  • PointsBet Sportsbook: Enjoy every hitting and pitching prop you can imagine.

Why should I bet on MLB props?

MLB props are a fun way to bet on baseball. Plus, props can add excitement to otherwise boring games between teams that are out of contention. Because most props surround stats, there’s usually no need to concern yourself with the score.

In other words, you can still sweat MLB props in blowouts where the game’s outcome has long been decided. 

MLB props can be great for baseball betting beginners. The ups and downs of the long MLB season make it hard to pick winners day to day, but it’s easy for fans to bet on the stats of their favorite teams and players in MLB props markets.

True baseball fans will watch the games anyway, but props can enhance and diversify your rooting interest.

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MLB prop betting tips for beginners

Here are three pointers for getting started in MLB prop betting. 

  1. Stack Props: Put closely related props together in a parlay. You’ll get better odds and increase your chances of winning. Same-game and same-player prop parlays let you take advantage of a great performance. If you think a player will hit a home run today, betting the over on the total bases and hits lines also makes sense.
  2. Do Your Homework: Finding quality MLB prop odds means knowing the real-life probability of an event occurring. Therefore, the only way to know if you’re getting good odds is to do the research. Stats, trends, and injury reports will reveal the real-life probability of an event occurring, and studying these things will help you make better MLB prop bets.
  3. Believe In The Streak: MLB teams and players are as streaky as they come. Players or teams currently on a hot streak will buck the trends and put up big stats well beyond their season averages. If you pay attention to who’s hot right now, you can take advantage of a streak. You may even find decent odds on red-hot batters, pitchers, and teams before the sportsbooks catch up.

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