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Former NFL sideline reporter Michele Tafoya discusses ‘raunchy’ Tom Brady roast on Dakich

The year’s Netflix is a Joke Festival featured a special moment for the seven-time Super Bowl champion, as “The Greatest Roast of All Time: The Roast of Tom Brady,” was streamed live on May 5.

Several of Brady’s former NFL teammates, his longtime coach Bill Belichick, and a host of other celebrities took jabs at the future Hall of Famer during the event — which lasted for more than three hours.

Michelle Tafoya, who spent decades as an NFL sideline reporter before entering the political arena, appeared on OutKick’s “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich” to dissect the roast of the NFL’s GOAT.

Tafoya described the lengthy comedy special as “raunchy” but also said she was “entertained” by what transpired.


“When I opened up Netflix and saw this thing was three hours, (because) I didn’t see it live…full disclosure…. I said okay, I’m going to watch this on one and half speed. And I think it was better on one and half speed. Everyone was down on Ben Afleck, he’s much better when you speed him up. It was hysterical, it gave me hope that we can laugh at everyone and everything again. Man was it raunchy, my gosh…. I knew it was going to be raunchy but it got uber raunchy. Which I don’t care, I was entertained.”

Michele Tafoya interviews Tom Brady

Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Rodney Harrison, Nate Solder and Drew Bledsoe were among the list of Brady’s former New England Patriots teammates who were on hand for the roast. Patriots owner Robert Kraft also delivered a joke or two.

Almost no topic seemed to be off limits during the event, but Brady seemed to have one objection when Kraft was the subject of one of comedian and “roastmaster general” Jeff Ross’ jokes. The joke poked fun at serious charges Kraft faced in 2019.

“Don’t say that s— again,” microphones appeared to capture Brady telling Ross. Tafoya believed Brady’s request was not a joke.

Tom Brady and Robert Kraft pose for picture

“There were moments… were Tom, you’d watch his reaction and everyone’s wondering when (Ross) said the Bob Kraft thing ‘Do you want a massage?’ And (Tom) got up and went over… was that a joke? No I think he was serious. He holds Bob Kraft in a regard that I don’t think many people understand,” Tafoya said.

Tafoya suggested that the roast could serve as a reminder that people can laugh at themselves.

“I do think we are seeing the pendulum swing in the other direction… because it’s been so stupid and so otherworldly what people have gone through. I hope this is a signal…  also that we’re getting back to real comedy again. That you can say raunchy stuff and get a laugh.”

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