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Comedian Nikki Glaser dishes on awkward interaction with Tom Brady after roast: ‘He was out of there’

Once his roast was over, Tom Brady didn’t hang around much longer.

Top-notch comedians, former teammates and coaches and A-list celebrities were on hand to watch “The Greatest Roast of All Time” over the weekend, in which the seven-time Super Bowl champion was the butt of all the jokes.

But once the Netflix special was over, Brady’s time was apparently done.

Comedian Nikki Glaser, who was one of the several who roasted Brady, said that Brady didn’t attend the event’s afterparty.

Glaser seemed to hint that it may have been because of the harshness of some of the jokes, particularly about his divorce, but did note that “he probably had something to do, because he’s a busy guy.”

“He was on his way out, and I ran into him in the hallway and just said ‘hey, thanks for having me again.’ We didn’t meet him before the show. I only met him after I got done with my set and gave him a hug and said ‘Thank you’ after telling him horrible things about himself. . . . Really quickly, he just goes, ‘You did a great job. Good luck with everything,’ which is pretty much saying, ‘I’ll never see you again and don’t even try to contact me. Have a good life,'” Glaser said to “The Pat McAfee Show” on Thursday.

Nikki Glaser and Tom Brady


“He was out of there because I know what it’s like. You go into these things, and you go, ‘It’s not really going to offend me. I kind of know everything that’s fair game for them to say about me.’ But I’m also on the other side of this and studying these people and thinking, ‘What’s the worst way I can hurt them,’ and I don’t think he thought we were going to say things about him losing his family. I think that’s one he didn’t predict. And the truth is, he didn’t lose his family. He is a great father. That was obviously hyperbole. He lost his wife. . . . So I feel like he was a little pissed off about that, but he literally could’ve had somewhere to go.”

Glaser admitted that harsh jokes about yourself may not hit you at the time, but upon reflection can get you angry.

Tom Brady in a black suit and sunglasses looks dapper looking back at the camera at his roast

DeflateGate, Aaron Hernandez and losing two Super Bowls to the New York Giants were also common themes throughout the roast.

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