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Why is a hot dog called a glizzy? Meaning, origin of term used at Nathan’s hot dog eating contest

The stars, stripes and glizzies.

The Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition tortures your eyeballs and stomachs every July 4th, and the 2023 edition came in with a bang. While competitive eaters usually hold some of the best, and most unique nicknames, one competitor took the stage (and internet) by storm.

As the women’s half of the competition got underway, California’s Elizabeth Salgado took the stage for her Nathan’s Famous debut, introducing an epic nickname to the world: “Glizzy Lizzy.”

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While Salgado didn’t make it up the ranks to take home the Pink Belt, she still offered another iconic moment in her first showing at the tournament.

So while you’re watching competitors shove wiener after wiener straight down their gullet, drowning them with water and taking soggy buns to their lips, here’s what you need to know about glizzies:

Glizzy meaning

Much like frankfurter, wiener, frank, link and footlong, a “glizzy” is just another word for a hot dog. The phrase isn’t as aged as some of the rest of those terms, though: It gained popularity in the early 2020s, though the term was widely used in the Washington, D.C., area before that.

Why is a hot dog called a glizzy?

With roots in the rap world, a “glizzy” is slang for a Glock handgun. The evolution of the word to include “hot dog” comes from the extended magazine of a pistol, which is about the length of a hot dog.

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Who is Glizzy Lizzy?

Elizabeth “Glizzy Lizzy” Salgado is a competitive eater who made her Nathan’s hot dog eating contest debut on July 4, 2023. At a June hot dog eating tournament, she finished with 8 3/4 hot dogs in 10 minutes. She failed to crack the double-digit mark in Coney Island.

While Miki Sudo took home her ninth Pink Belt at the tournament, Salgado was just fine in her debut — and she gave the world plenty to laugh about in the process.

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