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Vandals deface tour bus for women’s advocacy group with ‘anti-woman messages’

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A women’s advocacy group found their tour bus vandalized with vulgar language and messages that dubbed them anti-trans.

Members of the Independent Women’s Forum are on a 13-city bus tour dubbed “Our Bodies Our Sports – Take Back Title IX” following the Biden administration’s rewriting of the law in order to give transgender athletes more protection.

OutKick’s “Gaines for Girls” podcast host Riley Gaines, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, and Gaines’ fellow NCAA swimmer Paula Scanlan, among others, are all on the tour.

The group held a rally in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on Thursday, but when they were set to leave, they found their bus “egged & defaced with profanity and anti-woman messages” by “overnight vandals.”

“Radical gender ideologues on a mission to erase womanhood seek to keep us quiet. WE WON’T BACK DOWN. WOMEN WON’T BE SILENT,” the group wrote on X.

Messages from the vandals included “Hate Group,” “Trans women are women,” “f— transphobia,” and “Bigots on board.” A penis was also drawn on the bus.

The Carrboro Police Department said to Fox News Digital that they were unsure of the cost of damage.

IWF bus vandalized


“It’s disgusting but not surprising to see such a blatant anti-woman attack on a tour bus – our home on the road – that represents a national movement fighting to preserve equal opportunity, fairness, and safety for women in athletics,” IWF coalition and bus tour manager Brianna Howard said in a statement. “The Title IX rewrite from the Biden administration is in itself just that – an attack on women. We are disheartened but will continue to stand strong and share this important message across the country: women will not be replaced or sidelined. The Our Bodies, Our Sports Coalition has been working to save women’s sports since 2021, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon. This cowardice attack will only make us stronger and louder as we continue to roll into Washington, D.C., to amplify our message to the administration and Congress!”

Added Gaines: “It’s amazing that females wanting female-only sports warrants such a reaction. They’ve resorted to name-calling, defaming, and intentional misrepresentation when they can’t dissuade from our position. And now they’ve added violence and vandalism to their tactics. Common sense, logic, reason, lived experience, and science are on our side. Let’s be clear. The trans-rights activists don’t want inclusion; they want the exclusion of women.”

When someone replied to the video “this is who the left is,” Navritolva said it had little to do with politics.

“I am a leftist. I would call the people who did this cowards and anarchists who don’t give a s— about women,” she wrote on X.

A photo of Riley Gaines

The group will be in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday before heading to Virginia Beach on Thursday and wrapping up the tour in Nashville on Friday.

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