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Ted Lasso Season 3 review, Rotten Tomatoes score: Rating, recap of each episode of Apple TV show

Season 3 of the hit Apple TV show Ted Lasso is now underway, as the show’s main act comes to a close with the 12 episodes and talk of spinoffs in the future.

Lead actor Jason Sudeikis, who plays the main character Ted, is as charming and quippy as ever, which make his internal struggles felt even more deeply. Ted’s cheery outward persona that feels both genuine and forced at the same time is a relatable struggle for many viewers.

The show tackles mental health struggles, relationship dynamics, intentional kindness, and the duality of wickedness by choice and wickedness by nature, and as such, Ted Lasso remains a strong voice for how to treat others.

The final season of Ted Lasso will see a new episode available on Apple TV every Wednesday morning, and The Sporting News will provide a review of each new show as we track the full season here.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

SPOILER WARNING: The Sporting News will be reviewing each episode of Ted Lasso below, and there will be spoilers. So for those planning on watching the show, check out where to buy AFC Richmond merchandise instead.

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Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 1 review

  • Release Date: Wed, March 15
  • Rotten Tomatoes score: 100% (2 critic reviews)
  • Sporting News rating: 7/10

Episode 1 synopsis: 

The episode opens with Ted at the airport saying goodbye to his son, who has come over to the UK for a visit, and Ted is clearly hurt by the continued pain of his separation from his wife.

Meanwhile, AFC Richmond is preparing for promotion back to the Premier League, but the club is upset that the media predicts they will finish bottom of the table. Rebecca wants Ted to get angry about the predictions, but Ted brings the distracted squad into the sewers of London for a lesson about letting negative “poopay” wash away and not allowing it to bring them down.

New West Ham manager Nathan Shelley begins life at the Hammers by showing his nasty side, taking a dig at Ted in his first press conference, only for Ted to respond with his trademark kindness,

West Ham’s Rupert buys Nathan a new car, which feels like an introduction to mounting expectations, while Roy and Keeley tell young Phoebe they are breaking up because they’re “too busy.”

Episode 1 takeaways: 

The episode’s first two minutes were a picturesque conglomeration of gut-wrenching internal pain — the viewer can feel Ted’s familial struggles — and the hilarious quips the show is known for.

The episode lacked an overwhelming amount of cliffhanging drama, but Nate’s heel turn is now complete (though they laid it on a little thick).

The drama in Roy and Keeley’s breakup felt forced, and they looked silly after they were essentially schooled by a child. That brought the episode down a bit, but the show’s charm and life lessons still carry the episode.

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Ted Lasso Season 3 episode schedule

Click the link in the table below for each episode to find that week’s review.

Episode (Overall) Date Title Rotten Tomatoes score Sporting News score
1 (23) Mar. 15, 2023 “Smells Like Mean Spirit” 100% (2 reviews) 7/10
2 (24) Mar. 22, 2023 “(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea” TBD TBD
3 (25) Mar. 29, 2023 “36986” TBD TBD
4 (26) Apr. 5, 2023 “Big Week” TBD TBD
5 (27) Apr. 12, 2023 “Signs” TBD TBD
6 (28) Apr. 19, 2023 “Every Disadvantage Has Its Advantage” TBD TBD
7 (29) Apr. 26, 2023 “Ola’s” TBD TBD
8 (30) May 3, 2023 “We’ll Never Have Paris” TBD TBD
9 (31) May 10, 2023 “The Omission Attrition” TBD TBD
10 (32) May 17, 2023 TBA TBD TBD
11 (33) May 24, 2023 TBA TBD TBD
12 (34) May 31, 2023 TBA TBD TBD

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