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Pele goal highlights: Best official and unofficial YouTube compilation videos and interviews

Pele’s death on December 29, 2022 reverberated around the world, as arguably the most well-known player on the planet passed away at 82 years old.

The Brazilian superstar was a giant of the game, a three-time World Cup winner, and one of the top goal scorers of all-time.

He will be remembered as one of the greatest players of all-time, and a larger-than-life figure who towered over the football landscape. Pele’s loss was felt all across the globe, as a player remembered for bringing the joy of the game to so many hearts.

For those who never watched Pele or perhaps want to re-live some of the special moments of his legendary career, the Sporting News has put together a compilation of the best highlight videos from his playing days plus a few interviews from him in retirement discussing his life story.

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Pele goal highlights

There are plenty of highlight compilations to choose from, and we’ve selected the very best ones below.

Pele’s Top 5 World Cup Goals (FIFA)

FIFA made available their selection of the Brazilian legend’s top five goals. On the list are:

  • 1970: Brazil vs. Romania (free-kick)
  • 1970: Brazil vs. Czechoslovakia (volley)
  • 1970: Brazil vs. Italy (header)
  • 1958: Brazil vs. Sweden (volley)
  • 1958: Brazil vs. France (volley)

FIFA does not allow other sites to embed their YouTube content, but the compilation is available on the world body’s YouTube channel.

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Pele’s Best World Cup moments (FIFA)

FIFA has also produced a two-minute highlight video of Pele’s World Cup exploits (available on YouTube). While there are some goals included, it also has some wonderful bits of skill and celebrations.

It also has some broadcast commentary and crowd audio, making it feel quite authentic despite the old footage. 

PELE: Remembering the man who brought the world the Beautiful Game

Pele Skills & Goals

A five-minute highlight package set to music created by highlight cutter DreistStudios, this wonderful video puts Pele’s exceptional ball skills on full display.

Every touch had purpose, and no body movement went to waste. He was also quite good in the air!

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Pele Highlights, Best Goals, and Skills

A nine-minute video from user Fun Sport Time featuring some really old video, it shows Pele doing what he did best: taking on defenders, striking fear in the hearts of opponents, and dazzling a crowd.

Pele’s Top 10 most impossible goals

Produced by Sport 360 with over half-a-million subscribers, this excellent mash-up of some of Pele’s most iconic goals show off his incredible ball control, leaving defenders baffled as he weaved in and out of opposition players.

Unfortunately, there’s no information for which matches the goals came from, but it allows the viewer to simply focus on his flowing brilliance on the field without worrying about the context.

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Pele YouTube interviews

The good vibes, class, and happiness that came through in his play on the pitch also came through in the most prominent sit-down interviews he provided over the years.

Pele’s 80th birthday (FIFA)

On his 80th birthday in 2020, Pele spoke to FIFA about his upbringing in Brazil and growing up in Bauru, a poor neighborhood in the state of Sao Paulo, where he would fish in the river.

Pele was born in a city called Tres Coracoes, which translates to “three hearts” and he never forgot where he was from or what the sport provided him. 

“I am thankful to…make friends all over the world, because in my sport, my job, which is football, is known worldwide,” he said in the YouTube video.

Pele Birth of a Legend interview

In his interview for the movie “Pele: Birth of a Legend” the man himself discussed what the movie is about, how it focused on the beginning of his life, and how they tell the story of the part of his life very few people discuss.

“All those works were about Pele the player, the champion, but now this is going to show the beginning of my life. It’s going to show when I used to clean the boats for the friend of my father. I liked that the history can give an example for the young and new generation.”

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Pele Fusion interview (Pedro Andrade)

Ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Pele did an interview with Fusion to discuss the event returning to his country.

Pele talked about his memories of the 1950 World Cup in Brazil, when he was just a boy, and how he saw his father cry when Brazil lost the World Cup final. Eight years later he would then go on to bring Brazil its first World Cup victory in 1958.

The video also includes a snippet of Pele’s vlog at the time, run by his daughter.

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