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MLS kit rankings 2023: Best jerseys in Major League Soccer in its 28th season

For the 2023 season, Major League Soccer rolled out its full gamut of new threads, with each club provided with at least one new look heading into the campaign.

The kit drops for the season were resoundingly praised as the designs for the most part received a host of plaudits. There are few, if any, shirts that truly missed the mark.

MLS jerseys are usually tagged as primary or secondary, and clubs can alternate between them for any given game provided there is no color clash with the other team.

The bottom line is that there were multiple standout designs across the league in 2023, and we’ve ranked all the best ones for you in the list below.

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Top 10 MLS kits for 2023 season, ranked

There are some really great MLS kits this year. How can you tell? Some exceptional designs were left off this Top 10 list.

The Seattle Sounders’ ‘Bruce Lee’ kit doesn’t quite make the list, as the concept is cool, but the execution is just too busy. It’s the same with the NYCFC ‘Interboro’ kit which doesn’t quite execute the city-link concept they were going for.

Below are the 10 best new kits that were released for 2023:.

10. Toronto FC ‘Club Kit’ (primary)

Hoops are almost always great, and really hard to screw up. This one is clean, and the colors just work. What’s more, the sponsor logo on the front isn’t obscured by the pattern, which happens more often than it should with the MLS kits this year, in maybe the biggest overall gripe I have with an otherwise great collection.

In the case of Toronto FC, the thin red borders on the grey and black hoops add a lot without being overpowering.

9. FC Cincinnati ‘River Kit’ (primary)

The new threads from FC Cincinnati basically took what the San Jose Earthquakes unveiled in their ‘Active Fault’ kit and made it better. While the Earthquakes kit is nice, it’s just a little too busy. FC Cincinnati, meanwhile, toned it down slightly, but still have the nice deep blue background with a black design that jumps off the shirt. 

Saying that the shirt has got some connection to the Ohio River feels like a bit of a stretch, since it’s basically just a water splash design. But sure, we’ll give it to them.

Putting the drip in drip. 💧@fccincinnati‘s River Kit is here for 2023.

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) February 15, 2023

8. Atlanta United ‘The 17’s’ (primary)

After a tough season that fell below their expectations, Atlanta United are once again setting the bar high as they go back to their traditional design, and we’re glad they did. While I didn’t dislike last year’s deviation from the norm like some did, the BLVCK kit just isn’t the same.

Now, Atlanta United are back in this great kit that’s quickly become one of the more iconic looks in MLS. The club’s kit launch slogan was “a kit inspired by you,” which seems to make it pretty clear how the fans felt about the move away from this look last season.

7. LA Galaxy ‘LA’ jersey (primary)

This exceptional kit from the Galaxy features the colors and patterns from the Los Angeles city flag on the collar and sleeve. It’s a bold choice for a primary kit, especially one that strays far from the club’s own colors. But it works well and isn’t overdone.

It’s lacking a bit of intrigue in the middle of the kit, which basically just amounts to a green shirt, but the collar design really does pop to the point where that almost doesn’t matter.

💚💛❤️@LAGalaxy‘s newest kit has dropped.

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) February 17, 2023

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6. Chicago Fire ‘For All’ (secondary)

A well-done patchwork design that somewhat resembles the nacho cheese Spain kit in its design, if not the colors.

A good white kit provides color pop, but still allows the white to dominate the canvas, and that’s exactly what this does. The Fire will look good on the road.

5. Portland Timbers ‘Portland Plaid’ (primary)

While Atlanta United brought back an old, iconic look, the Portland Timbers took a timeless design and gave it an upgrade.

The look has a real lumberjack feel, which is exactly what they were going for. It’s always nice to see a kit so well executed that it feels like you might just as well be pulling on a flannel. 

Plaid in Portland: It just feels right.

A new look for @TimbersFC.

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) February 15, 2023

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4. D.C. United ‘Cherry Blossom’ (secondary)

D.C. United are not projected to have a very good season, but at least they’ll look good.

It’s an absolutely outstanding kit that connects to the city’s history and lore, while also providing a clean, unique look. They could have been a little bolder and made the blossom design stand out a bit more, but it’s still a stunning kit that’s just well done from all angles. Hopefully for D.C. fans, they can live up to it with their performances and results, but the early projections indicate that may be too much to ask.

3. Charlotte FC ‘Crown Jewel’ (secondary)

A collection of colors that reminds us of grape soda, this scheme just works.

Love the subtle crowns in the background for the club from the Queen City. Between this and the exceptional teal primary kit, Charlotte have a great thing going from a threads perspective.

2. Minnesota United ‘Northern Lights’ (secondary)

It’s…it’s beautiful. The colors are wonderful and the gradient is almost perfect. The pink is used in exactly the right amount, not overpowering the blue or black, but providing a well-executed foil.

They could have perhaps extended the colors just a little further down the shirt so the fade to white didn’t clash with the Target logo, but that’s nitpicking. It’s a wonderful kit and it gives Minnesota United fans a great piece of swag for the year.

1. New England Revolution ‘Defiance’ (secondary)

The New England Revolution take the crown this year with an exception away kit, or the ‘Defiance Kit’ as the club is calling it.

It’s really tough to get both a clean and bold look in the same kit, but that’s what they’ve done here, with pixel-faded sashes on a white background.

It’s gorgeous, and goes perfectly with both the club and adidas logos. Very, very well done.

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