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Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi opens up about the difficulties she faced as the star QB rose to fame

Three-time Super Bowl winner Patrick Mahomes is one of the most recognizable players in the NFL.

He is widely considered the best quarterback in the league, and being a high-profile sports figure has placed Mahomes’ family squarely in the spotlight. 

His wife, Brittany Mahomes, has made several headlines in recent years. She was also prominently featured in Netflix’s docuseries “Quarterback.”

Pat Mahomes Sr., a former MLB player, has also sparked his share of viral moments as his son helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to multiple Super Bowl appearances. Mahomes’ mother Randi recently opened up about the downside of her son’s fame.

While Mahomes receives generous support and praise from fans, Randi said she has been moved to tears whenever she thinks about “hate” directed at the Mahomes family.


“As much as I say we’re blessed and Patrick’s living his dream, it has been the hardest seven years of my adult life,” Randi said during an appearance on “The Mom Game Podcast.” 

“It’s been really hard to juggle … being proud of him and the hate that you get and the kids get. I can’t even explain how hard it’s been. I’ve cried a lot. I struggle with it.

Patrick Mahomes runs

“After we won the Super Bowl a couple years ago, I kind of went back, and I was just looking through social media trying to fall asleep. And I would look, and someone would give me so much hate to me and to my children — all three of them. And I’m like, I would look at their social media and I would be like this is a beautiful All-American family. Why would this mom or dad reach out to say this?” Randi said.

As Mahomes’ popularity grew, normal family outings quickly became a thing of the past.

“We just want to be normal and go and have dinner. We don’t do that. At my work, it’s really hard because 90% of my phone calls aren’t about work. I still go to work and want to live normal,” Randi said.

“I look at some of my friends on social media, and I’m jealous that they have this normal [life]. Their kids are the same age as Patrick and Jackson, and they have this normal situation, and we don’t. It’s super difficult.”

Randi, also the mother of Patrick’s brother Jackson and his younger half-sister Mia, added that it pains her to read negative comments about her children.

Patrick Mahomes II poses for a photo with his parents

“I don’t wish it on even my worst enemy. I have said I don’t wish it on anyone because, as a mother, you don’t want to read or see things about your children, especially when you know it’s not true.”

Pat Mahomes Sr. and Randi divorced in 2006. The Chiefs star quarterback also has two other half-siblings on his father’s side, a sister named Zoe Mahomes and a brother named Graham Walker.

Randi suggested Patrick could decide to step away from the NFL if his dedication to the game becomes detrimental to his family.

“I hear him, you know, make comments like, ‘If the game takes away from my kids, I might not play as long as Tom Brady,’ and I’m like, I’m so proud of him for that,” she said. Mahomes was drafted in 2017 and has spent all seven of his NFL seasons with the Chiefs.

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