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Suns star Kevin Durant jokingly suggests he created burner account on Threads: ‘Come find me’

Throughout his career, Kevin Durant has developed a reputation of taking to social media to engage in debates with fans.

The Phoenix Suns superstar now appears to have his sights set on a new social media platform — Threads. 

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, recently launched the social platform. It quickly gained popularity with approximately 30 million users having signed up for the app as of Thursday morning, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In many respects, Threads functions similarly to Twitter. Durant has frequently used Twitter to push back against fans and even trolls who criticize him.

At one point, he seemingly used a burner account to defend himself.


On Thursday, Durant appeared to jokingly invite fans to follow him “on threads with the burner.”

“On threads with the burner. Come find me,” Durant wrote.

Durant did not seem serious. And, given his track record, it would not be far-fetched to believe he at least considered creating a burner account.

Late last month, the 13-time All-Star could not resist the urge to jump into a Twitter Spaces discussion, “Kevin Durant is not top 5.”

Kevin Durant dribbles

After joining the audio-only platform, Durant voiced his displeasure about the way some fans “consume” basketball games.

“I just think how y’all even look at the game is whack as f—,” Durant said in a clip recorded from the session.

“You factor in team success when you talking about players. I just think how y’all consume the game is trash, like are you good or not?”

Kevin Durant talks to the media

Durant added that, from his point view, NBA player rankings are meaningless.

“I mean, some things could be that simple. Are you just good or not? I mean, a lot of people have seen it for a long time brother, and it’s OK. These lists don’t really mean nothing anyway, so why are you getting so upset about ’em?”

Durant was the NBA’s No. 2 overall draft pick in 2007. He spent eight seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder before he departed and joined the Warriors.

After winning two NBA titles with the Warriors, Durant left Golden State to play for the Brooklyn Nets. In February, he was traded to the Suns. He has failed to reach the NBA Finals since he left the Warriors.

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