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MLB reporter reveals wild accident that forced him off social media as trade deadline approaches

With MLB trade deadline fast approaching, reporters are on the prowl for the latest rumors about where stars could be traded. 

One of the top national reporters, ESPN’s Jeff Passan, has been a bit silent on social media, which isn’t normal for him this time of year. But now we know why. 

Passan revealed on Twitter Monday that he had a bad accident at home, which caused a broken back. 

“Sorry I haven’t been posting lately,” Passan began his statement. “During cleanup after a big storm in KC, a large tree limb decided to fall and crush me. The good news: I still have use of my arms, legs and Twitter fingers. The bad news: I have a broken back. 

“The vertebra fracture will heal. I will be better. I’m hoping the pain subsides between now and the trade deadline, though painkiller-fueled tweets could be a fun time.”


Passan also made sure to thank all those that helped him through the injury. 

“To my incredible family, friends and everyone at ESPN who have been so supportive: Thank you,” he said. “For the nurses, doctors and support staff at KU Med: I so appreciate your care and diligence. And to those who are so vital to helping me deliver news this time of year especially: My back may be shot, but my phone still works.”

Cubs hat in August 2022

Passan will be tapped in to what’s expected to be a very interesting MLB trade deadline, which comes on Aug. 1. 

One of the biggest storylines is whether the Los Angeles Angels will sell Shohei Ohtani, the frontrunner for MVP yet again in the American League, to a contender for a monster package as he’s set to hit free agency at the end of the season. 

There’s also the New York Mets and Yankees struggling despite being the two teams with the highest payrolls in MLB. 

Jeff Passan talks to Bryce Elder

And others, like the Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks and more, are expected to be aggressive in shoring up their team heading toward the postseason. 

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