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Cardinals take jab at Elon Musk over Twitter rebrand: ‘We liked the bird better’

The Arizona Cardinals took a jab at Elon Musk after the billionaire officially launched the rebrand of Twitter, changing the iconic blue and white bird for the sleeker “X.”

The Cardinals changed their Twitter profile photo to pay homage to the old bird.

“we liked the bird better…” the team wrote.

Musk formally changed the iconic blue bird logo on the social media platform to a new black-and-white “X,” which he revealed the day before.

The logo was also displayed on Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco early Monday morning. Twitter’s official account on the platform also has the name “X.”

“Our headquarters tonight,” Musk wrote in a tweet with the new “X” logo projected onto the building’s exterior.

Arizona Cardinals logo


Musk previously changed the company, formerly “Twitter Inc.,” to “X Corp.” 

Musk has intended to change the logo and the company’s identity since he first acquired Twitter in October 2022.

The Cardinals have some bigger fish to fry than whatever they’re doing on Twitter. Arizona finished the season 4-13 and lost Kyler Murray with a knee injury in the last stretch of the season. Murray suffered a torn ACL and may not be available until sometime in the middle of the season.

Elon Musk in Washington state

With the quarterback situation up in the air, new head coach Jonathan Gannon is sure to have a tough battle going into the first week of the season.

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