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Meet the Packers fan who got a hand-written response to his application from Packers CEO Mark Murphy | Sporting News

Bill Port, a 39-year-old Sales Engineer from the Milwaukee area, doesn’t have many qualifications to apply for the defensive coordinator job with the Green Bay Packers.

That didn’t stop Port from mailing a resume and two-sentence cover letter to Packers CEO Mark Murphy with the following message: “I heard your organization has a job opening, so I figured I could do this Defensive Coordinator thing. Please note, I prefer weekends off.” 

Port never expected a response back from Murphy. Best case scenario, he’d get back a generic rejection letter on Packers letterhead that he could frame.

Instead, he received a hand-written note back in the mail from Murphy. It read: 

Bill — 
Thanks so much for your cover letter and resume regarding our Defensive Coordinator position.  While your fantasy football experience is impressive, I regret to inform you that we have decided to go in a different direction.  I hear the Bears have an opening — you look to be a perfect fit for them. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Mark

Port, a diehard Packers fan whose family has had season tickets since Lambeau field opened, was thrilled by Murphy’s response.

“It was really surprising,” Port said. “My original hope was maybe a secretary opens it up, gets a chuckle, shows it to him, he has a laugh, and that’s that.” 

Port used to write letters to athletes as a kid, getting back some swag and autographs from time to time. Packers Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard once sent him a letter back, even after getting traded to the Raiders. 

This isn’t the first time he’s sent a tongue-in-cheek letter, either. The year before the Tampa Bay Devil Rays entered the MLB, he mailed them an offer to be their mascot. Unaware of his age, they called him for an interview.

“My mom said, ‘Uh Bill, there’s somebody on the phone for you from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.’ I had to explain that I was 14 years old.” 

Port had gone multiple decades since sending his last letter. But he figured that Murphy could appreciate a good joke. His antics didn’t surprise his family

“I have a goofy, innocent prankster personality,” he confesses.

One example — his parents’ house contains a collage of photos showing places they have vacationed. Port recently changed one of them to a photo of Danny DeVito, to see if they’d notice. They did, almost immediately. His motivation for picking the actor?  

“Who doesn’t like Danny DeVito?” 

His parents thought it was so funny that they kept DeVito’s photo up among the tourist destinations. 

As for Port’s football executive resume? It was mostly jokes, but he did list his one year of varsity high school football and his real fantasy football stats.

“They were probably slightly above-average, I guess.” 

One of the bullet points on the resume mentioned that he had the second-highest winning percentage all-time in his league, and a note:

“I’m glad the guy with the highest percentage didn’t send in his resume and cover letter, because maybe he would have got the job.” 

Port didn’t get the position either — that went to Boston College coach Jeff Hafley. He did receive a great souvenir that he plans to hang on his wall.

DECOURCY: Jeff Hafley simply left Boston College for a better job

As for Murphy’s suggestion to reapply with the Bears? 

“I’d probably have to pass,” Port laughs. “I got a pretty good gig where I am now.” 

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