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Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm Jr, Nick Gordon say MLB players are ‘best athletes’ compared to other sports

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MLB players have entered the chat regarding which professional sports league has the best athletes. 

Miami Marlins teammates Jazz Chisholm Jr. and Nick Gordon think it’s not even a question: MLB players are the best of the best. 

And they have an argument as old as time to prove it.

“Name me an NFL player that can come out here and hit .300 or hit 20 home runs,” Chisholm said in an interview on MLB’s Instagram.

“Tell me one who could hit a slider,” Gordon chimed in.

“Yes, we are the best athletes.”


When this debate has come around to baseball players, this is usually the response. But it’s one that makes tons of sense because it’s widely known that hitting MLB pitching is one of the toughest tasks in sports.

Not only is hitting a high-90s fastball something a select few can do, Chisholm brought up some other pitches that he finds unhittable himself. 

“I just faced this man named San Diego Padres reliever [Matt] Waldron, and he threw a knuckleball,” Chisholm said laughing. “Tell me who’s hitting [Philadelphia Phillies starter] Ranger Suárez’s sinker? They ain’t hitting none of that.”

Then, Chisholm said that it would be an easy transition for MLB players to move to other sports. 

“Say it like this: I can be a quarterback. I can go throw that thing,” Chisholm said. 

Jazz Chisholm Jr. dives for ball

Chisholm added, “I know baseball players who could dunk – 360 [degrees], windmill.”

Then Gordon brought up a way to solve the debate. 

“We need a circuit,” he said. “Take all the football players and basketball and baseball. And you [set up] 7-on-7 flag football, [a] basketball game and a baseball game.”

Chisholm is confident he knows that when everyone gets to baseball, there isn’t going to be much success. 

“Then they go around, and when they get to baseball, put the [pitching] machine on 95 mph and see how many of them hit a homer. None,” he said. 

Baseball may not be the physical sport that the NFL and NBA provide with football and basketball, respectively, but pure hand-eye coordination is special for those able to have success at the big league level.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. smiles

Whether that makes them the best athletes on the planet is, as always, up for debate.

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