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Julian Edelman reflects on Tom Brady roast nerves, sending quarterback TB12 Method-friendly vitamins

Julian Edelman has apparently been trying to get Tom Brady on his podcast but has been unsuccessful.

However, Edelman did attend the roast of his former quarterback last month. 

The “Greatest Roast of All Time” was broadcast on Netflix, so it makes sense why Edelman was pretty nervous.

Plus, he was in the presence of some great comedians, like Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross and Nikki Glaser.

It’s why the former New England Patriots wide receiver said he treated the roast like a game.

“I went to The Comedy Store. I did 11 minutes with Jeff Ross. He was a huge help on that thing. His team, my team, we sat, put a little time into it. It was a fun, fun night. It was a big, therapeutic session for all parties involved,” Edelman said in a recent interview with Fox News Digital.

Edelman recently said the tension between Brady, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick could “cut glass.” 

But all seemed forgiven, at least on television.

Gronk, Julian Edelman and Sean O'Malley

Now that Edelman and Brady have finally hung out, Edelman said he delivered some One A Day vitamins to Brady. Edelman partnered with the brand recently to stay fit and get the right nutrients in retirement.

During his playing days, Edelman said he’d take “16 pills,” but now, he gets what he needs in “two great little gummies.”

“It’s also all based on science, so you know it’s working. I thought it was a slam-dunk partnership. They taste good. I use them after my workouts with my smoothies, and it’s been awesome,” Edelman said.

He had to be careful which vitamins he sent Brady, though.

“He doesn’t like strawberry. If you read the TB12 Method, strawberries are technically an inflammation factor to you,” Edelman said. “We sent Tom the grape and blackberry One A Days. He’s gonna have a crapload of One A Days at his house.”

There was one moment during the roast that made headlines when Brady went up to Ross mid-set after a massage joke about Kraft, and he, perhaps jokingly, told Ross not to make those jokes.

Edelman joked that he was ready for war.

Julian Edelman at roast red carpet

“When someone goes near the quarterback,” Edelman said. “I was puckered up and ready to go. When a big lineman goes toward the quarterback, you gotta go in the pile.”

Only two players, Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski, caught more passes from Brady than Edelman in the quarterback’s career.

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