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Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Aaron Rodgers’ reported Sandy Hook comments with mock-conspiracy theory

The Aaron Rodgers-Jimmy Kimmel war settled down for a bit, but Kimmel is back on the prowl.

The beef between the two started earlier this year when Rodgers said Kimmel should be hoping Jeffrey Epstein’s client list wouldn’t come out, seemingly insinuating that Kimmel’s name would be on it.

Rodgers later said he was taken out of context, but not before Kimmel called him an “Aa—hole.”

But Rodgers got back in the news after a report said Rodgers questioned the events of the Sandy Hook mass shooting.

So Kimmel decided to mock up his own conspiracy theory about Rodgers.

“I hate to do this, because I’m not the conspiracy type,” Kimmel said in a monologue this week. “But I have my own issues with Aaron Rodgers. I’ve spent the last couple of months looking into this, and I think it’s time to share something with the world. It’s going to shock you, so buckle in.

“Aaron Rodgers never played football. He’s not a football player. He faked his entire career,” Kimmel jokingly revealed. 

“The first time he played in an NFL game was last year — the week before his first game with the Jets, Aaron’s body double, the guy who played every single game for him before this, died of COVID, and they had nobody dumb-looking enough to fill in. So they had to bring in the real Aaron Rodgers, and he had to go in and fake an injury on the third play of opening day. That’s why he only threw one pass.”

Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers


Kimmel, of course, was mentioning how Rodgers ruptured his Achilles on just his fourth snap as a New York Jet.

Kimmel said his mock theory is “more believable than what Aaron Rodgers told people happened at Sandy Hook.”

Rodgers released a statement on Thursday that said he is “not and [has] never been of the opinion that the events did not take place.”

Aaron Rodgers behind the podium as he is announced as the New York Jets newest QB

The report came after Robert F. Kennedy’s representatives confirmed to Fox News Digital that he had been “considering” Rodgers as his vice president, as Kennedy Jr. is running as an independent candidate.

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