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Patrick Mahomes’ playoff opponent preference revealed on Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’: ‘I wanna play the Bengals’

Netflix’s “Quarterback” series followed Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota over the course of the 2022 NFL season.

While Cousins and Mariota had interesting years in their own rights — Cousins especially — Mahomes’ Super Bowl win inevitably meant he was the series’ golden goose.

Mahomes re-solidified his standing as the NFL’s eminent quarterback last season, becoming the seventh player in NFL history to win the MVP and Super Bowl MVP in the same season (joining Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Steve Young, and Kurt Warner).

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A telling moment in the documentary came in the postseason, ahead of the Bills vs. Bengals game. As the Chiefs waited to see who their opponent would be in the AFC Championship Game, Mahomes made no bones about who he wanted to play en route to the Super Bowl.

“I think we match up better against the Bills but I wanna play the Bengals,” he said. “I mean just honest. I mean I just wanna play ’em, we haven’t beat ’em, and I’m tired of them talking.”

Mahomes got his wish. The Bengals dominated the Bills in the AFC Divisional Round in a 27-10 victory. The Chiefs then edged out Joe Burrow and Co. 23-20 to move on to the Super Bowl, crossing off an item that was clearly on Mahomes’ bucket list.

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Patrick Mahomes record vs. Joe Burrow

The Bengals were a bit of a bugaboo for Mahomes and the Chiefs heading into the AFC Championship Game.

Burrow was 3-0 against Mahomes when the two squared off, posting all but perfect games to lead the Bengals over the Chiefs. He was 2-0 in the regular season and had notched an overtime win against Kansas City in the 2022 AFC Championship Game.

With that in mind, it makes sense why Mahomes wanted to see the Bengals. This was his version of calling his shot. Mahomes comes off as a player who likes to leave no doubt he’s the best — in that sense, this video clip is even more telling.

Mahomes is now 3-1 against the Bengals, with the last game being the most important. After the Bengals beat the Chiefs in 2022 in the AFC Championship Game, they lost to the Rams in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs went on to defeat the Eagles last season.

Mahomes vs. Burrow game history

Date Winner Score
Jan. 2, 2022 Bengals 34-31
Jan. 30, 2022 Bengals 27-24 (OT)
Dec. 4, 2022 Bengals 27-24
Jan. 29, 2023 Chiefs 23-20

The striking thing about their history is how tight every game is. Four games, all decided by a field goal and within a span of 13 months. It’s no wonder this rivalry blossomed so fast.

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Patrick Mahomes stats vs. Joe Burrow, Bengals

Mahomes has by no means been bad against the Bengals. Burrow has just been close to perfect.

The QB had only played the Bengals once in the pre-Burrow era, and although he’s 1-3 since Burrow took the helm, it isn’t purely by virtue of being outplayed. Every loss has been by a field goal.

DATE Completions Attempts Comp% Yards Touchdowns Interceptions Sacked Sack Yards Rating
Jan. 2, 2022 26 35 74.3 259 2 0 0 0 113.9
Jan. 30, 2022 26 39 66.7 275 3 2 4 39 91.3
Dec. 4, 2022 16 27 59.3 223 1 0 2 12 98.2
Jan. 29, 2023 29 43 67.4 326 2 0 3 11 105.4
Averages 24.25 36 67.4 270.75 2 0.5 2.25 15.5 102.2
Totals 97 144 67.4 1,083 8 2 9 62 102.2

The stats here are good, and for many players they would be great. Against the Bengals, however, the goal has to be perfection. Mahomes was remarkable in the AFC Championship Game this year, doing just enough to win.

It’s a good thing too. That video clip goes from confident to embarrassing if the Chiefs had ended up losing to the Bengals again.

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