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Anthony Richardson NFL Combine results: Florida QB sets record in jumping drills, posts blazing 40 time

Anthony Richardson went into the 2023 NFL Combine with a lot of hype. The Florida quarterback was inconsistent in college, but it was known that he was a great athlete.

As such, many expected Richardson would put together a top-tier performance at the combine.

He didn’t disappoint.

Richardson, in fact, turned in one of the greatest NFL Combine performances in the event’s history. He set several records in the athletic tests and looked good during the position-specific drills.

A full breakdown of Richardson’s combine success, from his record-breaking jumps to his blazing-fast 40 time.

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Anthony Richardson height, weight

Richardson’s strong combine started before he even set foot on the field. He showed off good size, measuring just over 6-4 and tipping the scales at 244 pounds.

Richardson’s measurements compared favorably to those of Cam Newton, who was 6-5 and 248 pounds when he weighed in at the 2011 NFL Combine.

It was fitting that Richardson received those comparisons. He said earlier in the week that Newton was one of the quarterbacks who helped shape his playing style, along with Lamar Jackson.

“When I got to high school, just seeing how dynamic Lamar was, I tried to implement both of those guys in my life, and I started calling myself ‘Cam Jackson’ in the 11th grade, just trying to make big plays,” Richardson told reporters.

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Anthony Richardson vertical jump

Richardson’s “Cam Jackson”-type ability showed in his athletic testing drills. Much of the buzz was about his 40 time — more on that later — but he set records in the jumping drills.

The first came in the vertical jump. Richardson got 40.5 inches into the air to set the quarterback mark.

Richardson’s jump was the best since the 2011 NFL Combine, when Josh Portis became the first quarterback to log a 40-inch vertical. Portis logged that mark at 6-4 and 211 pounds; Richardson exceeded that total with an extra 33 pounds on his frame.

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Anthony Richardson broad jump

Richardson also logged the best broad jump by a quarterback in NFL Combine history, at 10-9 broad.

Some may wonder why jumping figures are so important for Richardson given that he won’t need to jump to make contested catches in the NFL. It’s because they are a measure of explosiveness, which is important for quarterbacks who have to accelerate quickly at times to avoid pressure.

Richardson certainly has plenty of explosive ability, and when coupled with his speed, he could develop into a unique athletic threat at quarterback.

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Anthony Richardson 40 time

Richardson’s speed was on full display at the combine. His 40 time was the most anticipated of the quarterbacks, and again he lived up to the hype.

Richardson completed the 40-yard dash in 4.44 seconds. That was easily the best among the seven quarterbacks to run the drill at this year’s combine.

In fact, Richardson’s 40 time was the fourth-best in combine history among quarterbacks. Only Michael Vick, Robert Griffin III and Reggie McNeal ran the 40 faster.

Rank Player Time
T-1 Michael Vick 4.33
T-1 Robert Griffin III 4.33
3 Reggie McNeal 4.40
4 Anthony Richardson 4.44

As for the weights of those quarterbacks? Vick weighed 210 during his NFL career, Griffin was 223 pounds at the 2013 NFL Combine and McNeal was 205 pounds during his playing days. That Richardson was able to approach their 40 times at 244 is impressive.

Anthony Richardson highlights at NFL Combine

Richardson is expected to go through all of the throwing drills at the combine as well. Some of the top highlights from that portion of his workout:

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