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Caitlyn Jenner rips ‘narcissist’ Lia Thomas’ attempt to overturn policy on transgender athletes

Caitlyn Jenner, an Olympian and Fox News contributor, slammed former collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas’ attempt to challenge a ruling from the World Aquatics that directly impacts transgender athletes.

The policy essentially restricts transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports. Thomas was born a male but identifies as a female. During a recent edition of OutKick’s “Gaines For Girls” podcast, Jenner, who also identifies as a transgender woman, described Thomas as “a nobody” and a “narcissist.”

“Lia Thomas coming back, honestly, I think she’s a narcissist. I think she just wants the publicity,” Jenner told Gaines. “I think she was virtually a nobody.”

Jenner contended that Thomas has been mostly away from the public eye over the past several months and was merely resurfacing for “publicity.”

“Well, for the last six, nine months, I really haven’t heard much about her ever since the Olympic Committee came out and basically said, ‘You’re not eligible,’” Jenner added. “Now, she’s trying to fight that, and I think she’s doing it for the publicity. I don’t know any other reason why she should.”


Jenner also argued that Thomas was seeking to recreate the attention she experienced after defeating Gaines in collegiate competition. Gaines is a 12-time All-American who competed for the Kentucky Wildcats.

lia thomas riley gaines ncaa swimming championship

“Nobody knew of her until she was beating your butt and got into women’s swimming,” Jenner said. 

“Then, all of a sudden, she was on the covers of magazines, and she’s just living up all the pressure. She’s getting clicks all over the place. She’s getting followers all over the place to see what this story is.”

Caitlyn Jenner in New Jersey

Gaines noted the recently created World Aquatics’ “open category” has failed to attract any swimmers. The category permits the participation of transgender women in sporting events.

Thomas became the first known transgender athlete to win a NCAA Division I title.

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