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Nespresso machine spotted in Italy’s dugout during World Baseball Classic tickles baseball Twitter

Pool A in the World Baseball Classic is almost wide open, with two teams at 1-1 and two at 1-1 through six games.

Italy is one of the surprising 1-1 teams, after defeating Cuba in 10 innings. The team then lost to Chinese Taipei in a thrilling second game, but it wasn’t what was happening on the field that drew social media’s attention.

Italy, a team comprised of 27 USA-born players, five Italy-born players, and four players born elsewhere, was spotted with a Nespresso machine in the dugout. Not Espresso. Nespresso.

Keep in mind, this game began around 7 p.m. in Chinese Taipei. This isn’t a morning pick-me-up for the Italian team.

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There are a lot of questions that surround the Nespresso machine. Is it a team machine or did someone bring it along? Is Nespresso, a Swiss company, somehow in on it? And why are there no Bialetti Moka Pots seen anywhere? (Short answer: no stove.)

Baseball Twitter couldn’t help but notice the conspicuous machine when it made a cameo on camera.

The American representation on the team is clearly very much alive. Italy’s next game will be against Panama Friday night at 11 p.m. ET American. We’ll see if the Nespresso machine appears again after a tough loss to Chinese Taipei.

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