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Canada World Baseball Classic uniforms: Making sense of bizarre design choices for WBC jerseys

O, no, Canada.

The 2023 World Baseball Classic is in full swing, and while batters are digging into the box, viewers around the world will be getting a good look at the uniforms and colors of rival nations. While most of this year’s uniforms are particularly bland and inoffensive, one uniform stands out for being utterly confusing.

Team Canada’s uniforms, which were finally revealed on Wednesday during an exhibition game with the Cubs, after months of speculation and waiting, and … well, maybe they should have kept people waiting.

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Here’s a closer look at Team Canada’s WBC getups:

Canada World Baseball Classic uniforms

The Team Canada uniforms start with a traditional Canadian red (rouge) base color, and feature some weird design elements altogether. Here they are:

  • Very strange and very small “CANADA” lettering on the front, which is about midway down the uniform front. It seems almost too far down;
  • Random neck striping that isn’t particularly representative of anything;
  • Fake button-up front;
  • Canadian flag on the arm;
  • The pants feature striping the ends at about the knee;
  • Split-letter font that is, somehow, very “Canada.”

Here’s a look at Freddie Freeman in the uniforms:

The split-letter font might look familiar, and that’s because it seemingly takes a cue from the Toronto Blue Jays’ split-letter jersey font. The Jays are a sponsor of Baseball Canada, so it makes sense to have that as part of the uniform.

That said, there’s not much else that does. We know Canadians are polite, but the font almost feels like the baseball team is quietly saying “Canada,” and then apologizing for it. The cap at least has the iconic maple leaf in it, which is part of the country’s flag, but it’s nowhere else to be found on the jersey front. 

Also, it bears repeating that the stripes around the neck don’t make much sense, unless it’s somehow a play on the nation’s flag, too, which features red and white block stripes.

Overall, these feel like kind of a lateral move for Team Canada’s uniforms. In 2017, they have something that was equally boring and a slightly more safe, with “Canada” block lettering across the front and off-colored sleeves. 

The gray uniforms are a bit of an improvement, because the base color isn’t as harsh on the eyes as the red is:

Not many people were impressed with Canada’s WBC look:

Let’s try again in a few years’ time, eh?

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